Monday, November 6, 2017

NMR Assesment


This is our assesment
Who is in my group? 
Raukawa, Hamiora, and I
How did i contribute?
By making the books and typing out the information.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

digital bytes

issues in rotorua

What are the issues?

Homeless - people with no homes for them to stay on for their life.
  • Having no job to pay for bills and no home for them to stay in and they don’t have a supportive family.
Robbery - when people take without paying for the item.
  • Aren't able to pay for that they are taking from the shop and maybe they don't have a job to pay for it.
Illness - sick people that are so sick that they end up in hospital.
  • Polluted air and of aging and not taking prescribed medicine. Anything really can cause an illness of somebody and it could get worse and worse.

  • ) means…  What are the possible causes of of these issues?

Who does this affect?
  • The homeless people. Family members especially parents. Makes me feel sorry for them because they have to sleep on the hard concrete. Also affects tourists when they see homeless people around different country.
  • Shopkeepers and the thief  because after the thief gets caught they get fined about $200 dollars.
  • The sick person, family members because the medicine that the patient might need could be very expensive and could affect the sick person's job because he/r isnt attending work. Could affect the patient's wife/husband.

What are the issues within the rotorua community right now?
  • Child abuse
  • Smoking
  • Suicide

What do you think is causing these issues?
     Child abuse
  • Bad temper
  • Drunk parents
  • Parents that are smoking any kind of drug

  • Bad habits
  • They think they are cool when they start smoking young and then turn into an addiction that is hard to stop.

  • Depression
  • Bullying from others over the internet, face-face and many other ways to get bullied
  • Abuse    

Who do these issues affect?
  • Child abuse affects the child and the parents because they are the ones treating their children like the way they are.
  • Smoking affects non-smokers because of the poison gas that is being released from smokers also is affecting the environment because the smokers are littering their butts.
  • Suicide affects family members of the person who did the suicide. The person that that affected against the one who who killed him/herself.

How does this affect hauora?

  • Social
Child abuse affects social because if you wanna talk to the person that is being abused they won’t be able to talk to you because the child will be gone to another house.

Smoking affects social because while you’re having a conversation you’re at your smoke puffing it.

Suicide affects social because if you commit suicide youd be dead and you cant talk when your dead

  • Mental/Emotional
Child abuse affects mental and emotional because when you are abusing a child your mind is telling you to do this but on the emotional side it is sad to see children that have been getting abused.

Smoking messes with your mind because the smokers that is going through your body affects your brain. On the emotional side it make your lungs rot which makes it harder to breathe

Suicide is something that went wrong before the incident happened before you mentally killed yourself. On the emotional side it seems sad to have losses in your family and is sad for your friends

  • Spiritual
It is bad to child abuse, being abusive is really bad because of marks that are left on the is very hurtful

Smoking is bad it can affect your future.

Suicide is majorly bad because it affects many people and it is very hard to do something like that to myself.

  • Physical
Child abuse affects physical because if you come to school everyone will think that they are able to hit you just because you get abused at home

Smoking makes it hard for you to breathe so it would make it harder for you to breathe when you run or do any kind of exercise.

Suicide affects your physical health because you end up dying and then you aren't able to do any exercise

  • Article 1:
    • This lady doesn't have a job  because she is homeless and she doesn't make money and isn't on a benefit and can't afford anything because she is homeless. So she can't do anything apart from sit on the concrete and just hamu off others.

  • Article 2:
    • Gamblers become addicted to the machines and lose their money then eventually becomes poor and then are not able to pay for bills then they become homeless.

  • Article 3:
    • A 3 month infant passed away because of child abuse the infant's father (18) abused the child to death, after the death the man got arrested for child abuse. Shortly after the death the police investigated where they lived and found where they lived and then they searched the house and found a not breathing and unconscious child.


  1. Now that you have explored some media articles on the issues facing Rotorua citizens, add your opinion on each of the issues you have identified in task 1 and others from the article.
  • Issue 1:
    • I think that it is bad to child abuse because if your child goes to school then the other students would think that they are able to bully/hit the child because that's what happens at home. It's not good to go anywhere outside of home with bruises and child abuse is one of the reasons why children are getting taken off their parents.
    • Smoking wrecks your lungs and it makes you die easier. The poison smoke you are inhaling is poison and it goes down to your lung and makes your lungs rot.
    • My opinion on suicide is bad because if you attempt suicide than what you are trying to do is kill yourself on purpose and therefore there should be a reason behind attempting suicide but surely we can all fix it.

What do you think the cause/s of the issues in rotorua may be?
  • Habits happen around families that do those types of things, drugs, alcohol. Non experienced parents, parents with no patience.
  • Everyone, but mostly the adult that is causing these things to happen, family & friends because they obviously care for the actions you do.

What aspects of  hauora are affected by each issue?
  • Child abuse
    • Physical and mental and emotional.
  • Smoking
    • Social and physical.
  • Suicide
    • Physical, mental, emotional and social.

What is rotorua doing to make this issues become a lower rate?
  • Probably not much, but the most issue that will be getting dealt with would be child abuse because cifs will be hunting down parents that are abusing their kids. Next will be suicide because people are killing themselves with a bit of rope to strangle them for stupid reasons. Last of all will be smoking. The easiest way to stop elderly from smoking would be by increasing the price of cigarettes which will mean the have to waste their job/benefit money which also makes it less for everything else you buy with that money.

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